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Why I Chose Express Plumbers 24 Johannesburg to Help Me with My Plumbing Situation

Do you have a regular plumber that you contact every time you have a plumbing emergency? Well, I have and it is the Express Plumbers 24. I chose them because of some essential factors. The main factor is that they are insured and licensed, with plenty of experience. They also give me a reasonable fee while delivering value. These professional plumbers respond to my needs fast, and give me either an affordable estimate or a free service. I call them for my faucet replacement, shower head replacement, toilet replacement or if my sink is draining slowly. I also rely on them with my kitchen fixtures and water heater problems.

There are many plumbers out there who are neither insured nor licensed. At times, a plumber has picked up the skill and just started getting jobs without giving thought to licensing. As a consumer, I should be aware of these plumbing technicians.

Price is a sensitive matter for me these days. I am always searching for the cheapest appliance, cheapest car or the cheapest clothes. Plumbing, however, is a totally different story. I have experienced hiring a cheap plumber before, which turned out to be not the best decision. Value was still essential and hiring the right plumber actually saved me a lot of money even though they are not the cheapest.

I consider Express Plumbers 24 as my consultant who identify the problem, provide me a general idea on the span of time it takes to repair it, and give an exact estimate. These plumbers are helpful even while on the phone, and they ask me the right questions. I have learned that sometimes it is better for me to pay a bit more and then get more quality of work than hire the cheapest local plumber.

Even the best plumbing technicians frown when you ask them how much is the worth of their service after 15 seconds of the conversation. As for me, I do not ask for the fee immediately. I listen first what value they can deliver and ask about a rough estimation that will fix my domestic plumbing needs.

Express Plumbers 24 is the plumbing service that responds quickly. Have you experienced calling a plumber and received a call back three days later? I have, and I think it is a common issue in the plumbing industry. Therefore, response time is really important to me when it comes to calling a professional plumber to solve my dilemma. I consider a plumbing problem to be an emergency situation. My property could be flooded with water from a leaking pipe within just a few hours, if it is not addressed properly and fast. In addition to that, I could be dealing with restoration due to water damage, which could cost me a large amount of money to finish.

And so, response time is vital. I expect an answering service or the actual plumbing service to take action no less than five hours. While it is true that these plumbers have a busy schedule, the professional service of the Express Plumbers 24 have a system available in order for them to respond promptly. I also make it sure to talk directly to the plumbing technician to get a clear understanding of the situation that I am facing.

The best thing about the service from the Express Plumbers 24 is that they take responsibility and I do not need to worry about anything. Basically, they provide me with their expert opinion regarding the condition in a matter of minutes. The biggest problem I encounter before is the unavailability of local plumbers, but as these technicians offer emergency service, most of my plumbing needs are met in no time.

Gayton McKenzie – The Motivational Speaker of South Africa

Gayton McKenzie is a motivational speaker and author of South Africa who got public attention in the year 2002 when he with his small grouped inmates smuggled into the Grootvlei Prison the secret video cameras in the Fire-State province. Mckenzie grew up during Apartheid and was among those classified as “coloured”. He entered the prison as a racist. He witnessed infinite rapes during his stay in the prison for seven years. But a rape of nine-years old for around nine-hours changed his view.

book-theuncomfortabletruth-frontcover-600x633Gayton McKenzie until then was a committed criminal. He entered the prison for bank robbery and was counted as one of the most senior member of the gang. He turned his back from crime after that one incident. McKenzie with his team made a secret video that showed innumerable crimes going on in the prison. When the video hit the national television and screened internationally as well, Gayton McKenzie with his team became popular with the name “Grootvlei Four”. Three out of the four were released from the prison after being subsequently victimised in the jail. Gayton McKenzie married Nicolett Joubert, an advocate, whom he met in the jain while she was sent to investigate corruption and crime in the prison of South Africa.

After he got released, he went on for a national campaign to encounter more and higher levels of crime in South Africa. He talked to school children, his talks were sponsored by security company. He is serving as an advocate against all sort of crime till date. He has reached 1.6 million school children in South Africa of all age group. He has been voted the top corporate speaker in the country for last three years.

After spending an extraordinary life of prison, crime and redemption, Gayton McKenzie is motivational speaker in the country. He has addressed around millions of school children, their parents and business people with his hard hitting, engaging, inspiring and entertaining talk. It has also been decided that a film will be commenced based on his biography this year. It has also been committed that the success of the film will be contributed to the drug-rehab-center he is planning to build. Gayton McKenzie often talks about his personal journey and how his life took a U-turn from the world of crime. He shares his views on the legacy of crime in South Africa.

Gayton McKenzie talks are extremely motivational and memorable because he not only entertains but he shocks as well. There will be no one in South Africa who had a word with him and seen no change in himself. He is a true motivation to the people living in South Africa.